Street Jazz

Street Jazz is a combination of Jazz (Classical/Lyrical) and urban dance (Hip Hop/House) Styles. This is is a healthy mixture of technical and non technical movemnet or any level dancer. 

The warm up stives to provide a technical foundation from which to grow as well as prepare the entire body of any type of movement. This movement is embelished and combined with new to make a challenging, high energy and fun combination.

Street Jazz Considered by some as a sub-dance style or variation of Hip-Hop, Street Jazz dance has several forms. The most popular fusion consists mainly of Hip-Hop dance, Contemporary dance and Jazz dance. A dance form that focuses on versatility, Street Jazz will bring out the dancer in you!

"See You in the Studio"


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Day Start date End date School Venue Class Time Age Slots Coach Info
FRI 09 Apr, 2021 09 Jul, 2021 EVOLVE HQ Dance Studio . Street Jazz 13:00 - 14:00 Ages 6 - 10 12 Eddie W 14