We are offering Ballet classes for ages 3 years old until Adult LEVEL Advance Level 2.

Babies Ballet 3 – 4 Yr old.

Our babies Ballet classes starts from the age of 3 years old. It is A fun filled energetic class developing Basic movement to music skills and learning the very foundations of classical ballet, IE: exploring movement dynamics, posture and flexibility through a short story with the use of nursery rhymes and age appropriate tunes.

Prep Ballet 4 – 5 Yr Old.

A fun-filled high energy class introducing the foundation steps of ballet and adding onto the vocabulary learned from babies ballet, through the use of a fairy tale. By the end of year, students will build on their skills from babies ballet by demonstrating a good understanding of full body coordination, rhythm, elevation, special awareness and balance and muscle development. In term 3 of prep ballet students will start to work toward preparing for the R.A.D pre-primary syllabus. 

Pre Primary 5 – 6 Yrs Old / Primary Ballet 6-7 Yrs Old

Classes starts from the ages 5 years old and we slowly start to introduce the R.A.D. syllabus, developing the basic techniques required for primary Ballet. Pre Primary students will also develop strength and agility. 

R.A.D Grade 1 – 5 Ages.

These levels and classes provides a broad practical dance education, progressively developing the technical, musical ,and performance skills of the student. Each grade builds on a more complex series of steps and vocabulary and as they progress through each grade.

Here we introduce Character Dance style

Character Dance: A specific subdivision of classical dance. It is the stylized representation of a traditional folk/national dance. Here the students wear a black heeled shoe and a character skirt. Three styles have been selected for study: Hungarian, Russian and polish.

R.A.D Grade 6-8

These are performance based grades exploring various genres of classical ballet i.e the romantic style. Here students are required to wear a long knee length chiffon skirt and dance with a chiffon scarf (provided by teacher)


Here we introduce character and free-movement work.

Free movement: A classical dance style where postures are improved without emphasis on a turned out hip position. The Use of breath allows a strong focus on the quality of Freely moving through the space and here an understanding of suspension, gravity, and good use of the spine and upper body to gain dance dynamics is developed

***From grade 4 and above students are required to attend 2 classes per week to be eligible to sit the examinations.***


R.A.D Rehearsals:

Annual examinations will be assessed by an official RAD examiner who is flown out from the UK each year and are not compulsory, however, the exams provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain confidence and reward for all the hard work they put in throughout the academic year. 
Due to the structured nature of these examinations, Examination students must attend extra examination practice sessions at the studio lead by Teacher Carmen to practice in the examination room and with the students they will be dancing in the examination with.


R.A.D Uniform:

We provide the RAD approved uniform that is mandatory for all examinations. Kindly visit our shop for further details and prices. 


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