Holiday Camps

Evolve Holiday Camps:

Our Multi Activity Holiday Camps are desiged to give children an opportunity to learn and develop new Skills and Sports throughout the holidays in a fun, positive and safe enviroment. 

These skills includes:  

Team Building Excercises, Team Games, Challenges and Problem Solving. 

Sports that we have to offer includes:  

Martial Arts, Performing Arts, Gymnastics, Parkour, Football and Badminton. 

Martial Arts Camps:

At Evolve HQ we also provide various Martial Arts Camps throughout the year with specailized coaches that gives our students the opportuntiy to focus and improve on their skill set, such as Hand Eye Co-ordination, Balance, Agility and Explosive Movement. Whether it is Karate, Judo, Taekwondo or Bujutsu. These camps are not to be missed and will certainly help students receive that edge in class.