Bujutsu (Meaning Martial Arts techniques) was primarily used for utilization of the sword practice. These classes are very traditional and has been handed down by the famous samurai warriors based in Japan. Learn how to use the famous samurai swords Correctly with a bokken or REAL sword, and others like the staff, spear and halberd as well as various jujitsu techniques. We are the only Martial Arts Academy that has the correct documentation to teach this very dangerous Art. Classes are for Advance Students and Adults Only.

What to expect:

  • Control a bokken and Sword.
  • Various kata styles of movements
  • Learn in depth history of the Art of Bujutsu.
  • Follow a very special and unique Mugen Kai syllabus
  • Seminars with the chief instructor and assistant chief instructor of Europe.


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Day Start date End date School Venue Class Time Age Slots Coach Info
MON 11 Apr, 2022 11 Jul, 2022 EVOLVE HQ Dojo Bujutsu 19:30 - 20:30 Intermediate 10 Bruno W 13