Judo (Meaning The Gentle way in Japanese) is both a traditional and a competitive Martial Art, and was one of the first Martial Arts to be introduced in the Tokyo 1964 Olympics. Judo involves two individuals that uses each others force and balance to subdue or throw your partner. This will help develop your balance, co ordination, hip movements and strength.

What to expect:

  • Pushing, Pulling, throwing techniques
  • Ground work that includes controlling your partner, submitting and transitioning.
  • Japanese based syllabus
  • Internationally recognised Gradings
  • National Competitions.
  • Squad classes
  • Regular top class workshops.


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Day Start date End date School Venue Class Time Age Slots Coach Info
MON 05 Apr, 2021 05 Jul, 2021 EVOLVE HQ Dojo Judo 16:00 - 17:00 Beginners 1 Aaron W 14